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Environmental and Quality Policy

Improving quality, minimizing our impact on the environment, and preventing pollution are part of the objectives of INVERGAMING GRUP, S.L., (Gran Casino de Barcelona, S.L.U., Casino Castillo de Perelada, S.L.U., and Casino Tarragona, S.L.U.), and are part of the overall management model of the organization as a guarantee of efficiency. For this reason, the Management and all the staff at INVERGAMING GRUP accept the quality management commitment geared towards the customer and towards compliance with and dissemination of environmental values as pan inherent part of their professional and human development.

Full motivation, training and information of workers in professional aspects, in quality techniques, and in the care and protection of the environment are the essential requirements in the pathway towards excellence of INVERGAMING GRUP.

With this conviction, the Management of INVERGAMING GRUP, with the coordination of the Head of Quality and the Environment, has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management system based on the requirements of the standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001, for all activities involving betting, restaurant and event activities (show dinners, celebrations and weddings) that it holds with the prime goal of satisfying our customers. 

Our mission is to be the company in the leisure sector that excites and thrills its customers the most. With this, our goal is for them to come back and to come back with friends. We also aim for occasional visitors to become customers. 

To do so, we at INVERGAMING GRUP pledge to:

Provide a service of the utmost quality which more than meets the customers’ requirements, the legal and regulatory requirements, and all the requirements adhered to by the organization, until achieving the customer’s utmost satisfaction while also striving to prevent and minimize our environmental impact. By customer we mean any stakeholder, that is, everyone from customers to staff, to shareholders, to suppliers and event society at large. Customers are borne in mind in any action with the essential goal of ensuring their complete satisfaction and guaranteeing that they get the results they expect.  

Fostering the human factor as a basic principle of quality and proper environmental management through suitable training and information, effective communication, active participation and the teamwork of all the people who are part of INVERGAMING GRUP

Establishing a system of continuous improvements in processes, procedures, and services, and periodically evaluating the fulfilment of its quality and environmental objectives.

Fostering a working environment that facilitates the development of staff through an effective assignment of functions and responsibilities, continuous training, motivation and fostering human and environmental values.

Whenever possible, reducing the amount of waste and emissions produced as we perform our activity, both directly and those stemming from the work of our suppliers.

Promoting energy efficiency, reuse and recycling, and in generally savings in resources, through a proper design of the operating processes.

The implementation of these commitments is the responsibility of the General Management and the Corporation and Operational Managements of the Casinos, which pledges to disseminate, fulfil and ensure fulfilment of this Policy and to periodically evaluate it to ensure, via any revisions needed, the functioning of the contents of our Quality and Environmental Management System.